OST to PST Converter

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6 tips to avoid failure in transferring OST to PST!


Disappointments in the task of transferring OST to PST are quite commonplace but if you wish to avoid such dismay at the end of the conversion journey then we recommend the use of OST Extractor Pro for the same. This tool by USL Software is a full-proof method and here is how it can save you from heartbreaking results in 6 different ways!

6 Tips to Transfer OST to PST

  1. LIGHT ON THE POCKET: The most crucial factor that the users must consider is that this amazing tool is available in 4 different and affordable license keys. A blend of such amazing features at such prices is definitely a steal deal. This way, the users can avoid picking up unreliable cheap tools off the shelf!
  2. OFFLINE MODE TOOL: This tool is an offline mode tool which means it keeps the email files safe from threats like data theft, data breach, etc. Picking this offline mode tool over the online mode tools enhances the security of the data files manifold.
  3. SWIFT: The tool works at lightning fast speed and thus it helps the users to save enormous amount of time in transferring OST to PST.
  4. FULLY EQUIPPED: The tool has the right set of skills and algorithms to tackle each and every aspect of the conversion task. This means that the users need not worry about conversion of peculiar elements like Unicode content, non-English content, graphic images, attachments, etc.
  5. SAFEGUARDS THE INTEGRITY OF THE FILES: This tool ensures that the overall framework of the files remains unaffected. This means that there is no data modification, data loss, or data corruption at the culmination of the process of transferring OST to PST.
  6. SIMPLE TO USE: The tool is extremely user-friendly which makes it possible even for the novices to execute the task of transferring OST to PST with absolute perfection. There is no use of technical jargons which eliminates the scope of bafflement during the conversion journey.

So, take a prudent step and build extraordinary files with the help of this tool!

Direct instructions for the process of transferring OST to PST!

Transferring OST to PST becomes extremely simple with the support of OST Extractor Pro! This tool comes with a user-friendly interface and short process to ensure that each and every user succeeds at creating perfect replicas of the data files with the use of this tool.


The following tutorial will help you in setting a confident foot in the journey of transferring OST to PST with OST Extractor Pro!

  1. The first step is to download and install the tool. The installation wizard is pretty assistive. Once the tool is installed on the system, launch it one the screen.
  2. Using the ‘Open OST file’ option, locate the pre-archived OST files on the system and let the tool quickly upload them.
  3. A display window would show all the files and folders on the database. Select/deselect them to finalize the items for transferring OST to PST.
  4. Choose PST as output for the given set of options.
  5. Click on ‘Export’ and choose a location to save the output files.

Learn More: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/how-to-convert-ost-to-pst/